Invej AD Belgrade

Founded as modern, market-oriented, the „Invej“ business system is able to respond to growingly diverse and specific customer needs, and also to the challenges of competition.

Organized as a modern management and control structure related to member factories, „Invej“ aims to promote and harmonize the operations of the group, primarily by investing in the development of products of member companies, improving the existing, proven, domestic brands and creating and placing new ones. By doing so, „Invej“ has managed to restore the reputation of local products which have unjustly been pushed out by foreign producers in the last few years.

Investing into productive activities that are related to the members of „Invej“ also stimulates the development of domestic production, as well as the penetration of those products in the international market, which is of great importance when it is known that Serbian economy is highly dependent on import, and the export potential is quite limited.

The employees of the „Invej“ business system are one of the main factors of the business process that provides competitive advantage and prosperity of the members. For this reason the HR sector approaches the staff selection process with special care. Guided by the principle of the modern business intelligence, our long-term goal is the influence of new and young energy which follows international innovations. With highly educated staff, which goes through permanent career development program and continuing education through professional seminars, courses and meetings, we have created a successful team of experts with different educational profiles, who share the power of knowledge and experience to make the system capable of responding to the largest business challenges.

Our business system is driven by the motto “to become the leader of Serbian economy”. And, as a proof of this there is a reward for “Invej” which was declared to be the most successful company of the private companies sector in 2004. In the time after, until today, “Invej” has become an integral part of Serbian economic locomotive. .

We develop rapidly, the success of our brands is ascending, and the staff employed by the system is providing additional strength to the company to keep the leader position in the domestic market, and to start conquering foreign ones as well.