Products of “Invej” business system

Our products are famous for their high quality and long presence in the market, so that they are incorporated into the ways of life of this region, especially in terms of eating and drinking culture and household maintenance.

Extremely rigorous control of input raw materials and all points of technological production with constant supervision by trained and qualified staff has brought to the appearance of products that are leaders in the terms of quality and safety.

To the “Invej” business system, the customer is always in the first place, so that through the ongoing development of new and improvement of existing products we are trying to respond better to the needs and tastes imposed by the modern consumer society.

The best-known products of the “Invej” group are: Vinjak, Tera Lazarica, Mayovita, Vital sunflower oil, Table margarine, Taš , Bohor, Štrudlice, „Smederevac“, “Sava” bread, and many others.